How can I implement a PlayStation Controller (with rumble)

I have tried using Game Control plus, and it worked okay… But It doesn’t seem to work for rumbling my PlayStation 4 Controller (Dual shock 4)

I’ve already tried that and it worked. Did you changed something to the sample code?

Could you give me some code please? I have implemented the controller to control stuff but rumble / vibrations would be nice. Thanks in advance.

Oh, I didn’t see that it should vibrate. Unfortunately, I don’t know either, but I’ll see if I can find out how to do it.

I’ve looked at an earlier entry about it and it seems like Quark (the developer of the library) only used JInput. This means that you can probably only record controller data, but not send it commands (such as vibrate).

I didn’t develop the core library so any limitations such as this is down to the original developer. I simply extended updated the API for Processing 3.

For more information about GCP you might look at my website.