Can i emul controler?

Hi , i have a question.
i would to create a program that can emulate a controller ,i don’t know if i can do it with robot class.

By “emulate a controller” – what kind of controller, connected to what how? Is it an HID controller connected to the computer where the sketch is running? Is it sending commands that are keystrokes / serial / bluetooth? Are you sending the commands to other hardware, like a game console – and over a cable, or over the air? Etc.

You might want to check out the internals of @quark’s old Game Control Plus library, which is for reading controllers, not emulating them, but still…

i created my own controller with an arduino ,
it send to processing a states of butons , my sketch convert this data to pressed keys of keyboard ( processing sketch) , to play a game in my pc , but now i have a game that whork with controller ,so i want processing send to game a controller data not a keyboard.
i know my english is discusting sorry^^.

What game / what controller (what OS)? There isn’t any one simple standard, unfortunately. You can’t just send “controller data” – there are many, many kinds.

For example, here is a Linux package for Steam controllers:

ok , OS ->Windows10-x64
controller ->Logitech g27
game-> beamNg drive.

I haven’t looked at the specs, but it looks like this is specialty hardware that only has drivers that work with specific games. If it isn’t HID my guess would be that you will have a very hard time emulating it in that way. But the first thing to do is look up the specs on how it sends signals and what signals it sends.