Heroic Robotics PixelPusher

Hi all, I understand this is probably a question for a PixelPusher Forum but there doesn’t seem to be one I can access.

So I’ve purchased a bunch of PixelPushers for a project but I’m struggling to get them to work with Processing 3 and was wondering if anyone has had any luck with getting the two working?

Essentially my problem is that with the new version of processing you can’t use variables for the size() and one of the functions that deals with outputting pixel data (stride) is reliant on this being the case. This is just an example file from the PixelPusher Library so I’m sure its nothing I’ve done. Has anyone got a work around or know of a wider PixelPusher community i could ask this question to?


Check out the reference for size and settings. Use settings if you need to set size dynamically through a passed variable. So: you can still do this, but it is implemented in a slightly different way.

If you have questions about integrating a specific example, please post the example code (or a link to it).

do you have the library zip for pixelpusher?

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