GUI Rescaling Issues

Hello! I’m fairly new with using processing and am attempting to find a way to properly rescale a GUI. I know setResizable() can be used to change the size of the actual window but it won’t change the size of any text or buttons. (As a note I am using controlP5 in this as well so the buttons/sliders need to respond properly to the size change). Essentially I just want to be able to change the size of the window and have the buttons/sliders respectively change size so that if someone with a larger screen resolution doesn’t see the GUI as a very small window with small buttons.

Hi @Pcamund and welcome. I have done this. In your draw() read the value of width and height, compare them with the values you stored last time. If they are different call a function called e.g. reSize. In there calculate the new positions of your controls. That’s the outline, try it and re-ask if you’re stuck.