After looking online for an answer, I am stumped.
In setup() I use setResizable(TRUE). That allows me to resize my display window, and works, but the content within the display window does not resize. I have found no reasonable way to do this. I have defined, as I always do, every variable possible using width and height, but only in setup(), for the most part, which is run once when the apps starts. I don’t think defining the those variables in draw() is the way to go and only do that when logic dictates. P5js has an onResize() function which works great. Why not Processing JAVA? Unless I am missing something. Any ideas? Thanks all, stay well

I tried this in both Processing 3 and Processing 4 with the same result

Do the resizing inside of draw(). That’s how I do it.
Yes, this sounds unoptimized, but that’s how computer graphics work…

This is pretty much useless to say, but, …y-you could go and learn a bit about shaders to utilize the "OpenGL NDC system".

yes, I suspected as much; as logic would dictate. A sketch only calls setup() once. Thanks for responding

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