Gui library for android

Here is an attempt at a gui library for android.

the following are some of the features currently introduced.

Menu (foldable and static) with submenus, Sliderboxes, individual sliders, draggable tabs,with scrollable window. Each tab has its own pGraphics so there is no overflow issues, but note if you wanted it turned off it would not be possible. Dropdowns with selectable option. Rudimentary textbox, textarea, and textblock, please note these really need work, they were early work, so its not fully featured, though for somethings as simple as grabing or passing a value its fine.

Sliders also have submenus to reset, save data and load data, minimise. I’ve finished converting the save code for android so shall ad it in later, and I’m working on the read function. Again I have a working version on pc but android requires some alterations. I shall hopefully be mostly done by the end of this week, however I also want to add themes.

Screen Shot 03-01-21 at 05.48 PM Screen Shot 03-02-21 at 12.08 AM 001 Screen Shot 03-02-21 at 12.08 AM 002 Screen Shot 03-02-21 at 12.08 AM 003 Screen Shot 03-02-21 at 12.08 AM Screen Shot 03-02-21 at 12.18 AM Screen Shot 03-02-21 at 12.20 AM Screen Shot 03-02-21 at 12.27 AM Screen Shot 03-02-21 at 12.29 AM

Radio buttons and so on will be added later.

Also please note thats its not currently a library and is just the github repo


further updates:


theme fills for buttons and menus dropdowns, and sliders.

Tomorrow I shall sort out the radio buttons and toggle buttons, along with adding matrix style slider, and pie style sliders. Also finish off styling for the sliders.

Next week complete dock integration and add dialogue boxes. Finish styling on windows. Look into adding new PApplet window.

The windows version

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pie slider buttons completed
toggle buttons completed
tabs completed
windows completed
dock completed

next adding camera, with save image function, and load image, load audio and and load video, and text chooser.

I have begun the conversion to the library jar format, I’m really excited because it now means I can do projects on android without having the 20 or so odd tabs slowing down the pde ide. This has been a fun little project and I will make sure to see it working 100% so please feel free to test it. I shall post documentation for constructors and examples later. For now here is the menus tabs sliders and docks all working. I have to refactor the toggle and radio buttons, and test further to make sure there are no unexpected errors.

heres the code for the previous example

//import androidGui.*;
BMScontrols bms;
//Menu m;
void setup(){
  PApplet applet = this;
  bms = new BMScontrols(applet);
  Boundary w = new Boundary(bms);
  tab t = new tab(250,0,200,200,"test",bms);
  String [] s1 = {"red","green","blue"};
  float [] v1 = {52, 235, 225};
  sliderBox sl2 = new sliderBox(50,20,90,90,10,s1,v1,bms); = false;
  sl2.tooltip = null;
  t.toggle = true;
  t.draggable = true;

void draw(){;

just realised at time of update this is windows only as I have forgotten to add the permissions class back in and the android fileOutput class;

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