GUI controls and Window manager with movable and overlapping windows. (Playground with source code embedded in the post.)

Hi all,

I want to present you with the latest version of the WinUI library.

It is a library that helps build Windows-like apps on top of the canvas… At the current time, the library doesn’t have a practical purpose… it is only for education and recreational coding.

Press Play :arrow_forward: to try the code.

If you want to run this in a separate (e.g. bigger) browser window, just use this link:

This version works in codeguppy environment (based on p5.js)… but publishing a standalone p5.js-only WinUI library is under consideration. Please provide feedback in this regard.

*** Please check also my other post about about JavaScript is cool to see a demo of another library (SceneManager) that runs multiple “sketches” in show mode.