Create πŸ’Ž GUI programs with p5.js

I want to show you a tiny lib that allow you to create GUI programs using p5.js! Everything runs on CANVAS.

You can use this library for:

  • running p5.js sketches in windows
  • implement window based games
  • for learning how GUI works

The intent is to use this library on for teaching purposes and also open source it on github for bare-metal p5.js developers.

Looking forward to feedback and suggestions!


A small update. Now with resizable windows.

There is another demo video (bigger file that I cannot upload it here) on the @codeguppy Twitter page.

Looking forward to your feedback.

This looks great - but I feel silly: I can’t find it on your GitHub. I tried looking for β€œWinCG” and didn’t find anything… Where do I look?

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Publishing on github was postponed.
Meanwhile you can find it here: WinUI at