Early preview of WinUI - a library for rendering p5.js sketches in windows on a canvas

Hello talented processing / p5.js developers,

I want to offer you an early preview of WinUI - a p5.js based library for creating windowed programs.

Remember that this is an early preview – but I’m super interested in your feedback.

About WinUI: The library will be used mostly at codeguppy.com for education purposes, but if there is a sufficient interest I’m considering offer it as open source for regular p5.js sketches.

Also – if anyone is interested in converting the code to Java for processing - please let me know.

Note: For an optimum viewing experience, please open the following link in a new browser window:


Feedback welcomed!


This looks cool! Simple enough to be useful and fun :wink:

Is it actually used to teach people how to code?

Hi! Yes - codeguppy.com is used be few people already :wink:

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