Gsod'21 under p5.js

Hi! I am interested in applying for GSOD in p5.js but I could not find links to the application process and timeline. Help would be much appreciated!

Hi joeyouss, you are most likely need to contact mentors yourself and submit a proposal. GSoD application process is quite different from GSoC. Lemme know if you need any help.

Thank you so much for the reply!. Mailed, but haven’t gotten any reply back yet. Waiting for the same.

Thank you so much. I would really need the help with proposal , so should I contact the mentors directly regarding this?

@saberkhan can you help me with this please?, I saw your name as a potential mentor and thought you might be able to help me!. Thanks in advance.

Yes you should, I did contact them directly. But seems no response for now.

My understanding is unlike gsoc it is for those who have a solid background (not saying gsoc doesn’t need background skills) and if you don’t get reply it may be that you don’t have a strong portfolio. If you think that is wrong (i.e., you have strong technical writing background), why not post your draft proposal here to prove it?

Actually, I only reached out for doubts like - a desired template , deadline for proposal submission and how to submit the proposal,etc. I don’t think background would be a prerequisite for getting these doubts resolved maybe. But I can’t say I am too sure about it. As you suggested, I can get a proposal ready first and then post it here !.
But, is background a reason for no reply?. It can be a possibility that maybe they are busy.

Probably they might be busy with GSOC or other commitments.

It is worth noting that these processes are often not “fair”. Some applicants may know the “juries” or mentors already. But not in a sense that they are cheating, they get to know each other while contributing to the project - which is obviously open to everyone as the project is open source. Given that you are not using whitespace and punctuation properly, your email may be ignored by them. In addition to posting a draft proposal, I highly recommend to take a look at the projects and contribute whatever you can, which may not end up in getting into this specific program, but in the long run I’m sure it helps to find other opportunities like the fellowship.

I know this won’t go anywhere so I will shut up, but I wish you good luck with your proposal :crossed_fingers:

I guess so, but you should keep tabs.

Well said Micuat, I already note this selection process might be unfair. :relaxed: