Plans for GSoC 2022?

@saberkhan et al. –

Is it too early to begin inquiring about Processing participation for GSoC 2022?

Sorry if I’m jumping the gun here …

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I’m wondering the same thing myself! I’ve got a great idea for a project and would love to get an app together.

Hi @tabreturn & @rainbowlazer, sorry for late response. Yes, we are applying to be part of GSoC again this year. We should hear back soon.

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hi everyone…
hi @tabreturn

I am here to take part in gsoc this year. I liked some project ideas. How can I communicate to mentor. I will try my best to do well.

@saberkhan what’s the process for applying to be a mentor? I’ll be working on a library for generating weaving patterns for a digital Jacquard loom and would love to get some mentees involved.

@ashwani – several of the projects listed include the names of mentors you might reach out to. The page also provides info on the application process.

If you’re interested in working on py5, I can answer questions about that project.


Hey @tabreturn

I am highly interested in py5 and I have been a regular contributor of p5py (the native python port for processing started by GSOC student abhik pal a few years back) as well.

I would like to get a better idea of the problem listed for py5 and have a discussion on the project idea regarding expectations etc. before starting out.

What would be the best way to communicate to you and hx2A as there is no community slack or community chat for py5 so far?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, @tushar55

Great to hear you’re keen. It’s probably best to begin a discussion on the GitHub page, then we can take it from there –

We had documentation in mind for this round, but there are some other features you might look into. Chat soon.

Hi @rainbowlazer sorry for the late reply. Mind sending me an email about being a mentor -