Interest to contributing to Processing Foundation's P5.js project through Google Summer of Docs

Good day everyone, I am Samson Olusegun a Google Summer of Docs candidate. After going through the organisation project proposal, I would to love work on " Onboarding New Contributors, Processing Foundation (p5.js)" GSoD project. I would like to know more about further action on proposal submission and I am excited to meeting with the project’s mentor. Thanks

Did you read the guideline?

Given that there are rarely PF admins here on the forum, I suggest contact them directly by email

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Thanks Micuat I will check their mails out

by the way if I understand correctly, unlike gsoc it’s not a “training” program and you should already have technical writing skills. Given that, attaching a portfolio of your works would help a lot. Good luck!

Well, it was specifically stated on the project’s repository to make use of the processing forum in case of any questions.

I will shut up after this :slight_smile: but my point is that for now I don’t see relevant people on this forum so it would make sense to contact directly instead of waiting for someone to see your proposal here. It would also help other applicants. Meanwhile it may be good to start a proposal and post a draft here because, at least for the case of google summer of code, applicants are encouraged to post drafts and it is unlikely that someone will guide through if you don’t have a draft yet.

Ok, I got your point, will do as instructed.

Thanks for you time Micuat. Already got my proposal up.

I think there should have been a category for Season of Docs though.