GSoC'22: Understanding Terms of Difficulty for Open Projects

Hello World!

I recently came across the Project List page for GSoC 2022! My name’s Joo (she/her) and I am a current college student interested in this program and still learning how to code.

Just for some transparency, I was wondering how to interpret the difficulty range (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) suggested for each project. For example, If a project is set as an Advanced/Intermediate range, I’m assuming this implies we are already an avid developer/coder with a lot of other experience from related work and projects? Just curious.

Thanks! :cherry_blossom:

It’s hard to quantify “difficulty” in software development, especially without more specific context about your computer science education. At no point does anyone stop learning how to code ^^ I would recommend paying more attention to the skills required fields and, as many of these projects are about continuing development of existing codebases (many of which were also in past GSoCs), looking over past work on the projects you’d be interested in using GitHub and past GSoC wrap-up articles from the Processing foundation..