GSoC’22 Proposal Review - Beginner Documentation for py5

Hi everyone, here’s a proposal to create Beginner Documentation for py5.

Any suggestions and feedback from the mentor and community will be super helpful and will help me to improve my proposal :blush:

Tagging mentors @tabreturn and @hx2A

Cutting this fine, @lowlypalace :sweat:. But thanks for your interest.

I’ve left some comments, but it’s unlikely I can provide any further review before the submission deadline.

@lowlypalace , thank you for your interest!

@tabreturn’s comments were quite good and I don’t have much to add. The beginning of the Project Description was a bit confusing and should probably be pared down to focus more on py5 and what you’d do here.

Please submit before the deadline…not much time left

Thanks a lot for your feedback @tabreturn and @hx2A. Appreciate that you were able to provide me with some ideas on how to improve before the deadline! :blush: