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My name is Prubhtej Singh & I’m a Senior Year student at GGSIP University, Delhi, India. I’m pursuing my bachelors in Information Technology. I’m an Ex-OSS contributor at NRNB for Google Season of Docs 2020, wherein, I had written the documentation for SynBioHub and the link for the same is here: -, I was mentored by Prof. Chris J. Myers, Chair, ECEE, CU Boulder, US.

I’m an Ex-SWE Intern SBOL Industrial consortium, US and was working on a software by the name Excel2SBOL.

I’ve got a good command over Python & Javascript, & given my experience with NRNB, I’m comfortable with static site generators, as well.

I’d like to formally put forward my interest for the project: - py5: Beginner Documentation & would request to have a chance to have a conversation with the mentors, before beginning to start drafting the proposal.

Hope to hear from you soon.



My GitHub: - PRUBHTEJ (Prubhtej Singh) · GitHub

Hi @Prubhtej_9

Thanks for reaching out and expressing interest. You can direct your questions to @hx2A or me. You’re welcome to start a discussion on the GitHub repo (, too. If you have questions you wish to keep private, send us a private message on this forum (by clicking on a specific user icon/avatar, then Message).

We’re all in different timezones, but if you need to talk (like, in real-time with audio), send a PM to see what we can schedule.

Welcome, @Prubhtej_9 !

We’d be happy to talk to you about this, either here or on Github. What information do you need before putting together a proposal?

I’m looking forward to reading your documentation ideas!


I’ve been having my mid-terms and hence was a bit incommunicado. Apologies for that. I’ve gone through the existing documentation of py5 and I completely agree that we need beginner documentation, as soon as possible to help people bring up to speed.

Hence, I’m trying to draft my proposal, keeping all the points in mind.

Also, do you have any specific deliverables in mind, for this project?

I’ll share the initial draft ASAP.


Greetings @hx2A and @tabreturn,

I was able to draft a proposal. I know it is a bit late (Apologies for that). I’d be highly obliged if you can review my proposal and give your valuable feedback.
Here is the link to the Proposal.


Thanks, @Prubhtej_9. I’ll review and provide my feedback (via Docs comments/suggestions) over the next few days.

Thank you so much. Eagerly waiting for your feedback.

I just added some comments. Thank you for your proposal, @Prubhtej_9 !

Thank you so much!
I shall definitely incorporate those in the proposal.

Hope to learn a lot from you!


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Hi @Prubhtej_9,

I think you should have a look at Thonny (Python DE for beginners) and the thonny-py5mode package.
Then a sketch starts to look as PDE code: no import py5, no py5 prefixes. Ideal for beginners.

Thanks @lujo for the suggestion.

Greetings @hx2A & @tabreturn,

I’ve just submitted my proposal on Summer of Code’s website.

I would request if you could let me know, how can I contribute and get upto speed before the selected proposals are announced?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Prubhtej Singh

Thanks for submitting a proposal, @Prubhtej_9

We’ll review your proposal and the other py5 proposals over the next few weeks. The successful applicants/projects are announced May 20th (see timeline below). There is nothing confirmed until then and nothing you need to do in the interim.

Thank you!

I’ll wait for the verdict.


Thank you for your proposal, @Prubhtej_9 !

There’s nothing to do in the short term. Have fun experimenting with py5!

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