GSOC 2020 : Introduction and the Slang p5.js project

Hi! I’m Tushar, a computer science graduate at BMSIT&M, Bengaluru, India currently in my 2nd year. I have worked on multiple projects involving the use of python, JavaScript, Node.js and p5.js has been a recurring constant in many of these projects and I’m very excited to contribute to p5.js this GSOC!

I went through the idea list of this year, and the Code Slang-p5.js library project stuck out to me especially. I watched the TED talk by Sharon and needless to say, I was intrigued. GSOC is happening at the perfect time for me and I would love to work (and probably learn something) this summer.

I did some digging, but there does not seem to be much info on this project apart from the TED talk and a p5.js web editor submission. I also noticed that this project was in the last year’s idea list. Was it successfull?

Can you give me a heads-up on where exactly I should start ? I noticed that Sharon De La Cruz is named as the mentor for this year. Should I contact her directly?

Thanks in advance!

PS: Here is my github

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Hi @tusharpandey13 – thanks for your interest in this project. I don’t have any specific answers for you, but here are a small group of related questions posts that might be relevant:

Hi @jeremydouglass, thank you, I looked at those posts and it seems to me that this thing is still to be developed.
Should I contact Sharon De La Cruz directly?
Also, can you add me to the gitter chat? I can’t access it without an email of this domain.

Yes, if there are contact mentors then reach out to them. If you are having a hard time contacting someone, see if the community coordinator @saberkhan can help.

I actually don’t know anything about the gitter, sorry. Where did you see information about it?

@jeremydouglass, Will do, thanks.
It was mentioned in the gsoc organisations page. Well, thanks anyway.

It might be for accepted participants, not applicants. @saberkhan might know.

Yes, it is only for accepted GSoC students.

@saberkhan I tried contacting the project mentor, Sharon De La Cruz via email and there has been no reply from her. Considering that proposals can now be submitted, should I go ahead and write a proposal for the same?

Yes, I think it makes sense. Someone else may choose to mentor it.