GSOC 2019: Looking for more info on the Slang-p5.js project


My name is Zainab, and I’m a third-year computer science student at a university in Michigan, US. I’m super excited to apply to The Processing Foundation for GSOC!

I was looking over the projects listed in the wiki and the Slang-p5 library project stood out to me a great deal. I have a good amount of experience with (and love for) JavaScript and watching the TED talk by Sharon De La Cruz only made me more interested in contributing. I think I would greatly enjoy working in this intersection of tech and accessibility for a whole summer.

I’m looking for some more information on the project itself as well as next steps for a strong application. I’ve been spending some time acquainting myself with p5.js, but I couldn’t find any actual code for Slang-p5.js on Github. How should I demonstrate my competence for this project? Should I fix issues generally relating to p5.js?

Additionally, is there anyone I can contact to discuss ideas and expectations for the project? I’d like to get started on my proposal as early as possible!

Thanks for any help!

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Hey Zainab! I was curious about this project after you brought it up so I did some digging. I did find a repo on Sharon’s github but it looks fairly empty. So I’d guess the project is about what you’d like to make it. I might suggest working on some open issues on p5.js or at least read the developer docs and creating libraries to get a sense for the project.

Beyond that I’d try to reach out to Sharon directly through her website. And @lmccart can probably answer any questions you have on creating libraries for p5.js. Sounds like a cool project and I’d love to see it become a reality, best of luck.


Thanks so much! This is very helpful.

I was thinking of contacting Sharon through her website, but I noticed that the project wiki said she was a “possible mentor”. Has that/will that become finalized?

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Hi Zainab,
Sharon will probably be a mentor for GSoC. Either way you should consider putting in a proposal.

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