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Discussion and questions about Processing and the Google Summer of Code program.

Processing Foundation participates in Google’s global open-source education initiative Google Summer of Code. Through this sponsorship, we work with college-level students in open source projects that develop and expand Processing and p5.js. Students are paired with mentors from our community and are paid a stipend.

This category is a place for questions and for students to present and receive feedback on project ideas.


Good greetings, everyone. I’m Yashwini Bansal, a Computer Science student at IIT-BHU. I aim for GSOC 2022 and would like to contribute to your organization. I’m new to OSS, so could you please point me to a place where I can start?

hey , my name is vivek dhiman and my question to processing foundation is -
i have lot of experience in android development , java and some frameworks and what exactly processing foundation expect from me if i joined it in gsoc and get selected

my main motive to contribute open source and expand my knowledge and get updated according to the demand .

so , @ProcessingOrg must reply to my question:)


Hello Everyone, I am Vidit Sharma , a Computer Engineering student at SVIT , Vasad, Gujarat . I am currently in my 2nd year . I am applying for GSOC 2022 and want to contribute for this organization and work with this organization. I am pretty aware of Python and Java language.
I just need someone to guide/mentor me on what this organization expects from me and how can I qualify for GSOC while contributing for this organization.
The reason why I am applying for is that, I know these programming languages but I am really qurious about how things work in real world , how these languages are applied in real world and how open source works .

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I am Diksha shukla. I am a front-end developer and programmer. I love to do open source as it fulfills my passion to help others with the help of the code or by nature and aim is not to limit myself in learning. That’s why I participated in GSOC 2022. I am excited to contribute to the EOS design system. Looking forward to interacting and growing with you all.

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