GSoC'22 Proposal draft - Code Slang-p5.js library

hey potential mentors ,
i made a draft proposal for the project :- Code Slang-p5.js libarary .
I would be grateful if u review my proposal and give your valuable reviews,
Link for the proposal

greetings! @kjhollen @mcintyre @javagar @jafal
I request you to please review my draft proposal and provide me your valuable suggestion/feedback for improvement of the proposal.
Thanks and Regards

Your proposed redesign looks clean! :+1:t4:

Thanks sir! Can i submit this directly now?

Hey, I am not sure if this is the right place but it would be great if someone from the mentoring team could take a look at my proposal about the Code Slang-p5.js.
Here is the link . It would be much appreciated! @kjhollen @mcintyre @javagar @jafal
Thanks a lot!

Hi @rinkydevi and @annamaria,

Though my user name is referenced in both of your posts, I am not actually on the mentoring team. However, in my opinion, Code Slang is an excellent mechanism for creating a bridge for students that can unite their current and potential interest in natural language, graphical arts, and computer programming. Your proposals for contributing to this effort look great.

Best of luck to both of you for a productive and rewarding summer! :smile:

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