GSoC '19: Analytical Visualization Tools Ideas

Hi, my name is Omar Verduga, currently doing a PhD in Experimental Psychology in QMUL, London. (BS and MS in Computer Science). I’m a big fan of interactive art and hence I been in touch with Processing, OpenFrameworks and TouchDesigner.
I’m interested in being part of GSoC 2019 helping in the project “Analytical Visualization Tools”.
I have some experience related to projects like these like collecting usability stats for facebook games, experience coding in a few languages ( for this project is only javascript and java, I think, maybe a little bit of python, I don’t know at this moment the scope) and doing data visualization (sadly, only for academic papers using Python)
Also, I’m tempted to use p5.js for the visualisation part and if I have some spare time I would love to help in translating some text to Spanish (given that is my native language).

I already downloaded and built the processing application, but I’m going to explore further the API that you are exposing but I want to know what are good ways to warm up for being considered in this year’s edition.