Analytical Visualization Tools Discussion

Hey everyone!

I was considering taking up the analytical visualization tool project for GSoC. I have a strong background in EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis) and would love to work on this project.

@REAS since you have been mentioned as a possible mentor for this project, I have some questions you could possibly answer. The task seems cut out, there should be an interface through which we can get a better insight of the usage statistics. I have explored the API, and as of now we can cover a host of visualizations to provide an intuitive inference of the data.

  • What further features would you recommend to be added as a part of the project proposal?
  • Possibility for capturing more data?
  • Where would be this interface hosted/deployed?

Please let me know any other recommendations you may have for the project.

What about making the information available as a tool in the PDE. People can install it an explore it as an additional window.


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Hey @kfrajer,

Thanks for the suggestion. Over the past couple of days I had been exploring the possibility of extending this visualization as a tool within PDE, and that seems like a good approach. I have gone through the PDE tool creation guidelines and procedure and am confident I can implement this project.

If you could address a couple of questions before I draft my proposal for the same:

  1. What other features, within the scope of this project, would you recommend to be added to increase the functionality of the tool?
  2. Is there a potential mentor I could connect with to further discuss the details of the project for my proposal?

Thank you.

I think it would be great to see how the Foundation has used this data in the past. I have not used it myself so I cannot comment on it. While you are doing this, it would be a good idea to do some research to see how other IDEs are collecting this data and how they process it and present it to their public. I can think if JetBrains or Visual Studio. I do not know if they have stats on how many people use their IDEs for the different languages they support and what other metrics they use. You should check them out and see that could be extend to the Processing IDE.

It would be great to see if this tool could also be implemented in the js side with the web editor. Is the P5js team collecting any data atm? Should they? I don’t think it will be a good idea to try to do this in those two editors under a single project but it will be a great if you include it in the picture. So your proposal could be along the lines of: inspect current data collection in the backend side and implement changes so to make it available to both Processing PDE and P5js web editor. Study what parameters/metric should be capture about these interfaces. Third, design and implement the presentation layout of your tool. Probably suggest a road map for P5js.

For mentors, I do not know. Reas or Shiffman? I believe they were involved with this idea in previous GSOCs, or at least during proposal evaluations if I remember correctly.

I hope this helps,



Hey kf,

I was also considering the possible port of the tool to the p5js web editor. I’ll look at what the options are for making it available to both of them and if any sort of parallelism can be achieved. Having an analysis tool for the web editor may prove to be even more useful as it provides quick access.

Yes have been checking out how other IDEs use their data, and will take that into account while designing the tool for PDE. For the proposal, I could probably have a rough sketch ready for what the interface will look like.

As of now the usage data is quite limited in scope, and maybe we could expand that to capture more useful information. I’ll see the backend implementation and see how the current data is being captured. My proposal could also involve extending the current usage data options.

Thanks for the suggestions, they are indeed helpful.