Grain texture in Processing

Hello! Does anyone know how to make such textures in Processing as in the photo. Maybe it’s some kind of GLSL shader?


I am not sure that I understand your photos here is sketch close for second photo
and try to run it with this line
// pixels[j] = color( R,G,B); once again

void setup() {
  size(500, 400);
void draw() {

  for (int i = 0; i < pixels.length; i = i+25) {
    int j = int (random (pixels.length ));

    float R = random(255);
    float G = random (255);
    float B = random (255);
    pixels[j] = color( random(255));

    // pixels[j] = color( R,G,B);


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also your second photo Processing Shader Tool

see this video

Processing Shader Tool

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You could do that by picking up a random x value following a linear distribution and a random y y value following a uniform distribution.

For each (x,y) pair, you can draw a point (or small circle) the color you want.

Here’s the code:

void setup() {
 size(1000, 500);
 fill(206, 164, 245);
 for (int i = 0; i < (width * height) / 2; i++) {
    float x = pickRandom();
    float y = random(500);
    ellipse(x, y, 1, 1);

float pickRandom() {
  while(true) {
    float qualifier = random(1001);
    float rnd = random(1001);
    if (rnd < qualifier) {
      return qualifier;

And here’s an example result:

EDIT: The cool thing with this “technique” is that you can choose any random distribution that you want. So by tweaking the pickRandom() function, you can easily get something like this:


Thanks jafal ! It’s good version.

Thanks jb4x! This is what i need.

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