Google Summer of Code 2019


I am Anthony and I am currently an undergraduate student in the BSC of Computer Science and Mathematics. It’s my first time applying for this kind of application .
I am very interested in several projects concerning javascript and react. I would like to know where to start for me in order to have a good grasp and have all my chances to get accepted.

Thank you.

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I highly encourage you to read through this Medium article to see the GSoC 2018 participants.


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If you want to prepare for google summer code then I can advise you a few things

  1. Start using Linux, Stop using windows
    A lot of development tools don’t run properly on windows.
    All GSoC organization code for Linux.
  2. Become a contributor
    Decide the projects as soon as possible and start contributing to them.
  3. Keep coding.
  4. Follow Eat-Sleep-code