How to download the video library manually

I can’t install the processing-video library via the Contribution Manager. How would I go about installing manually? I can’t find an URL for download. The GitHub repository doesn’t seem to contain the install.

I successfully installed via Processing 3.3.7 Contribution Manager on OSX Sierra. Then installed manually on Windows by copying the files from the Mac. The video library is now working in Processing 3.4 on Windows.

However, I’m still curious about whether it is possible to install this library without Contribution Manager.

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Yes, from the GitHub repository. Also good because you can install the v2 beta using GStreamer 1.x. Both GStreamer 0.10 and the Java bindings for it are no longer supported.

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Thanks, looking there I don’t seem to see a built jar or documentation.

Try this. Sorry, on phone and not easy to link to releases.

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Thank-you, I’m new to GitHub. Now I see how to get there myself. :slight_smile:

Awesome. I’ve installed and sanity tested the beta. Thanks for the help!