GSOC 2019 : Video Processing

My name is Lachezar Lesichkov. I am a first-year Computer Science And Engineering student in TU Delft, Netherlands. I have been programming for 5 years now, with the last two specializing in Java and JavaFX. I would like to contribute to the GSOC 2019 Project about Video Processing.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
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Hi Lesichkov, thanks for your interest in the Video Processing project!

As it is described in the wiki, this project would mainly consist in taking the existingbeta of the 2.0 version of the video library and make it ready to replace the aging 1.0 version. This will require updating the library to use the latest version of the gstreamer-java bindings. This is a good moment to do so, because the bindings are currently reaching their 1.0 “stable” stage.

The project will require you becoming familiar with the underlying gstreamer multimedia toolkit, in addition to the Java bindings themselves. One area that it is important and I think will require a significant amount of work is to re-enable hardware-accelerated video playback through OpenGL, this was possible in the 1.0 version of the library through the use of some hacks that depended on gstreamer API that has been deprecated.


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I edited the processing-video wiki to make more up-to-date and reflect the recent progress with the 2.0 betas:

and created a 2.0 milestone that hopefully gives you more specific information on what needs to be done:

Hopefully this is useful to refine your proposal.