Game development framework with p5js renderer


I’m working on a new project. This is a JavaScript 2d game development framework based on my previous framework I used to developed
Basically and improved version with a lot more cool stuff in it. It uses p5js as a rendering layer.
I hope I will finish alpha till the end of the month, and hopefully have people make games and share it with us.

The main goal was to enable people to write modular code, as well as to provide a set of predefined helpers to boost the development and make it really enjoyable experience.

I published two videos already where I show what framework can do in this stage and I will continue to upload tutorial videos as I add more cool feature to the framework.

Part 1

Part 2

Quick dev update - Networking basics

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New video released

Froobit p5js game framework - Infinite parallax background

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Live example here:

made with Froobit & p5js

New video - Sprite Animations

Live demo:

New Video

And new example

New Video!
Adding Physics to the Game (planckJS - box2d port)

Example from the video:

Added Camera support. Made with p5js & Froobit framework

Checkout live example here:

Game Framework Devlog #1 - 2D Platformer Physics

Game Framework Devlog #2 - Collision detection

Live example: