Jungle Adventure Game in P5js & FroobitJS

Hi all,

Wanted to drop here a game I’m currently working on.
It’s written in Javascript, I’m using p5js for rendering & sound, and FroobitJS for gamedev stuff like camera, sprite animations, events, layers etc…

You can play it here: http://owom.io/game/tropicalbuggy/

Still working on controls for desktop, best check it out on mobile device.
Game runs in landscape mode, and controls are following:
LEFT SIDE TOUCH - Swipe left/right to change movement direction
RIGHT SIDE TOUCH - Swipe to jump / You can adjust jump trajectory as well

Feel free to ask me anything game related.
Also looking forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing! Does Froobit have a homepage, repo, or documentation?

I was able to use it on desktop with mouse + Left/Right keys. You might want to display a controls screen to let people know what the controls are – they aren’t obvious.

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Thank you for your feedback, it really means a lot!

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to make homepage & documentation, but this is high on my priority list!
I’m adding some final touches to Froobit v2, and I hope to publish v2 together with documentation so other developers can leverage the framework to make games as well.
Currently, only sources of information are npm package readme & my Youtube devlog playlist here for now.

Yes, I agree, I definitely have to put more time to make controls more obvious and probably introduce, as you suggested a screen or a tutorial for first play.
On mobile however, I tried to mimic how controls are implemented in game called Limbo, and in landscape mode with two thumbs I think experience is much more intuitive for players :slight_smile:

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