G4P guides, issues and changes


It has been ages since I updated the website so I got my duster out and got to work,

There are 2 main changes

Programmer Guides
There have always been guides on some of the more esoteric features but this area has been updated to include beginners guides on how to create controls (without the aid of GUI Builder :grin:) and setting up event handlers. See the guides here.

G4P issues with Processing
G4P has its fingers deep within Processing and sometimes bugs in either G4P or Processing adversely affect G4Pā€™s performance. Some have been mentioned in this forum and/or raised as Processing Issues on Github but I thought bringing the information together would be useful. So a new webpage has been dedicated to documenting these.

Changes for next version of G4P
From the very first version of G4P it was possible for the user to request mouse-pressed and mouse-released events on buttons. This is being removed in the next version. Also the sketchpad control (GSketchPad) is being replaced by an exciting new control, more info in the next few days.


Thanks for your hard work.