fullScreen(P3D, SPAN) with 2 Monitors not working in Ubuntu

Trying to get a proper fullscreen P2D/P3D sketch working on Ubuntu 22.04 with two monitors…


  • uses both monitors (but doesn’t hide dock and activities bar)
  • uses the very slow default renderer


  • uses only one screen (is the only variant that properly hides dock and activities as well)

fullScreen(P3D, SPAN);

  • uses only one screen (and doesn’t hide dock and activities bar)

what i’d need:
P3D renderer spanning both screens without any window decorations and desktop bars
is there anyhting i am missing, or any hack/workaround to achieve this on linux or should i go back to windows? tried googling a bit but couldn’t find a working solution


found a workaround for now…

setup looks like this:

void setup () {
  size (3840, 1080, P2D);  
  exec("/usr/bin/xprop", "-name", getClass().getName(), "-format", "_MOTIF_WM_HINTS", "32c", "-set", "_MOTIF_WM_HINTS", "2");

i just put the sketch in the top left corner, remove the window decorations with the xprop command and i disabled the desktop bars manually. the setLocation(0,0) doesn’t actually work for some reason (maybe because the window initially stretches over the desktop border at some point (it works with smaller windows))