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APDE Only accepts vlw fonts. I’v tried several russian fonts, and they are installed correctly and can be used in apps like Word etc. ,but they are not listed in the processing’s font box.(even after reinitiating).
Maybe the way to go is trying to make your own fonts.

Edit: Using app mode instead of preview mode runs the sketch with a ttf font as well, but both vlw and ttf will give the error Inefficient font rendering: use createFont() with a TTF/OTF instead of loadFont().
I think it is a bug. I’ll try to find a solution tomorrow.


So, I have it working now. I have tested it with some fonts you can find here.
It will only work in app mode, and you have to be sure to use the right quotation marks, because if you copy them, they sometimes lookalike, but just aren’t. Also there may be no spaces in the string, which is case sensitive, also for the extension which must included in the string.

PFont myFont; 

void setup() { 
  size(200, 200); 
  myFont = createFont("CYRIL1.TTF", 28); 
  println(("Привет мир");

void draw() { 
  text("Привет мир", width/2, height/2);


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