Flow Field, trying to paint with Kinect

Hey I’m quite new to Processing and trying to make like a force to the Lerped position from the Kinect, kind of like a mouse. So if the Lerped position shows the field drags to it like a magnet.

I can figure it out and I’m stuck…

Anyone know how I can do it?

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I’m thinking about make it react to the depth data from the Kinect so it forms after the person that is seen of the Kinect

Your title and sketch name says “flow field” but your question says “like a mouse.” Which are you trying to do? Create a flow field, or create a mouse pointer?

When you say “the lerped position from the Kinect” it sounds like you want to find the center of mass of the Kinect depth image, and constantly drag an object (like a mouse pointer or a ball) towards that center of mass. Is that right?

Do you want the pointer controlled by a nearest point, like a projecting hand, or do you want the entire depth field – like three people’s bodies, and the pointer falls somewhere between them?

You can also use blob detection with opencv or boofcv and find the center for each blob.