Error downloading libraries in ARM

I am using a Jetson Nano with Ubuntu 18.04. I finally could install Processing 3.5.3 version with a Zulu JDK 8 64-bit ARM build for solving the Java problems that I had.
Run problems were resolved with that butnow I am having new problems with Processing. I can’t install any library from the menu “Tools” (interested in “Hardware I/O library”). When I do that, it says “Error during download and install of (the name of the library)”
Can somebody help me, please?

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Were you able to resolve this problem?

First guesses:

  1. network connectivity problem
  2. file permissions problem – e.g. no write permission to library directory

No, I couldn’t. I think that it is related to the Java problems with OpenJDK and OpenGL renderer that I am having. I tried first time with our regular WiFi, later I tried connecting an Ethernet cable. I can’t even connect with my 4G smartphone WiFi connection