endDraw() error - M2 mac

Howdy folks, it’s been a while since I’ve used Processing and now I’ve upgraded to an M2 Air.

I was just testing an old project on an Intel MBP first where everything is fine, now coming across to the M2 Air I seem to hit this error:

Cannot validate shader program:
Validation Failed: Current draw framebuffer is invalid.

This occurs after an endDraw();

Is there anything to be aware of on the new Macs with regard to renderers etc? I’m using P3D in the project.

My code is a total plate of spaghetti mess, but it works on Intel, just not here in the M2.

I’m using the 4.1.2 build as directed on the Processing website.


Ah, disregard.

I found the culprit. It appears to have been the smooth() call, for whatever reason.

I’m using a bunch of PGraphics, and the reference here gave me the clue: