Do shaders work in a mac with M1 chip?

I cant get ANY shaders running. After trying everything I can, I am now wondering if the issue might be with the M1 chip of my mac? Maybe this is a long shot but I have no other ideas anymore.

I already asked help for this in thread Any ideas?

My Processing version is 4.0b7.

Does this help?
Processing 4.0 beta 8 now posted!
OpenGL working on Apple Silicon !
…and lots of other fixes and updates.
This brings us a lot closer to a final 4.0 release.

Problem solved finally. And I did not even need this newest update (but thank you very much @scudly).

It seems the examples I used from online tutorials had some outdated syntax for the vertex shader.
If someone need the correct one, simply check the examples/topics/shaders in your version of Processing package. I didn’t realize they had shader examples there :wink:

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