Enable all java built-in libraries?

I’m currently trying to use a bit of the com.sun libraries. However processing seems to be lacking these libraries.
Is there a way to make these libraries work with Processing?
In the source code of the app I saw them used so the jars should be somewhere.

Hi @NumericPrime,

Do you have a more concrete example. com.sun are have a huge specturm and not all available …
So, which one you want to use ?

— mnse

My priority is bringing com.sun.jdi to run and if it’s possible it would be good to have access to com.sun.tools


for the first you can drag&drop /modes/java/mode/jdi.jar onto the PDE
then in code … import com.sun.jdi.*;
For the tools.jar you need download the corresponding oracle/sun jdk1.8 install it and drop the jar also onto the PDE. It could be that there have also dependencies which should also added if needed.

— mnse

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