What java libaries are default in processing?

I recently started looking into java libraries.
I tried a few libraries and saw that the java.event.KeyListener looks and works exactly like void keyPressed() keyReleased() keyTyped()

Which other libraries are in processing?

Please correct me if I understand anything wrongly

Many of them. I’m not exactly sure, but the most important ones are all default in Processing. And if one isn’t default, you can just try something like import java.awt.*;, import java.util.; or something similar. But I think you don’t need to download and install any java libraries, as they all come with Processing.


I think that they use the awt libraries and the util libraries. They also use io and javax libraries.

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All the core JDK “libraries” at Java Platform SE 8 are available from Processing. Very little doesn’t require explicit use of import though. Java code automatically imports everything from java.lang (not the sub-packages) so Processing inherits that. On top of that, Processing adds some additional import statements for you, on top of its own libraries, before passing across to the Java compiler. These 8 additional classes can be seen at processing/PdePreprocessor.java at master · processing/processing · GitHub