Editor problems

Hi, my name is Livio.
I started using processing (Version 3.5.3 on Windows 10) a week ago.
I noticed some problems in the editor:

  • TAB does not allow to align the lines well.

  • When I use getContent(), from class XML, the word getContent it appears blue and I can use the help “Find In Reference”, but if I use getIntContent() it appears black and I can’t use the " Find In Reference" function when I click with right button of the mouse.

I like very much Processing and I hope the editor will improve soon, recently I use Atmel Studio 7 and I must say that the editor of the latter is much more powerful.


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thank’s for the feedback on using processing IDE 3.5.3
for a week.

the aligning of code lines in the editor actually is automatic
( line indentation on [enter] )
if you use accidently use [Tab] or manual [space]
can be repaired with [ctrl][t]

so if you ok with that formatting you have not to use [Tab] at all;
but if you like another manual formatting ( [Tab] or [space] )
a [ctrl][t] might damage that.

so the trick is to learn what different style/format the default code styler allows.
i like this way, example:

int longv   = 5;              // a variable
int v       = 20;             // a other variable

if ( v > longv )  v = longv;  // check
else              v = 0;      // stay safe

and i call that

positioning for readability

with [Tab] or [space] works and survives [ctrl][t]

for comparing the editor ( or the whole IDE … )
with other tools, the processing IDE is meant for a easy start
and will NOT evolve ( in weeks or month )
so if you are more happy with other tools use them.
often mentioned requests are code folding and coloring…,
please try tools like “atom” or “geany”

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Thank you for the answer, and about getIntContent() ?

I have other indications for the editor, is anyone interested? Is this the right forum to post them?


I use the tabs to align my comments or code for readability and they do not align as expected and I may have to add spaces.
In my other editors the tab is at absolute locations and equal increments from left of page.