Editor problem - deleting wrong character


I have worked with Processing 3 last year. Now I have started with Processing 4.
However, I have problems with the editor. When deleting to the left(arrow left key) the second to the left character is deleted instead of the first.
Neither seems the cursor and the mouse position be harmonized. I am running the program in Window, Dell laptop.

Can I somehow change preferences for the editor or how to solve this?


same problem but i haven’t looked for a solution. just adding my voice to the choir.

edit1: do you have scaling larger than 100% on windows. mine is 150% i thought it might be that but like i said i haven’t bothered working it out yet.

edit2: it seems others are having the same problem

edit3:with my windows scale if i just up the processing 4 font size to 14 it fixes it. maybe it will work for you too. anyways thanks for giving me the kick up the butt to get it fixed

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Thanks for the tip, I will try it