Easter egg, maybe

hi i was going around the processing-3.4 files and i found two e-books , frankenstein and dracula in the folder
…\Desktop\processing-3.4\modes\java\examples\Topics\Advanced Data\HashMapClass\data
is this a well known thing or like an obscure reff?

Thats actually not an easteregg, it is a file example originating from the respective books.

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ok thx i was realy wondering what it was

In your Processing editor, go to File -> Examples... -> Topics -> Advanced Data -> HashMapClass to open up an example sketch.

This sketch contains code that reads in the files you’ve mentioned to create a visualization of the words in those books.

That’s why the books come with Processing.

Note that this is possible without license solely because they are public property. If you want to make your own example, only do so with non-proprietary content. So only things that need no license, or are free to distribute as stated in the respective license.