(drawbot image to gcode v2) error when running

Hi everyone I am trying to run this sketch, theoretically it should work as written and tested by many other users but in my case it gives me this error.
do you know how to fix the situation?
the file can be downloaded at:


Processing’s IDE (PDE) requires the name of a sketch folder matches the name of its main “.pde” file.

For example, in this Processing repo below we have a folder named “Grumbo_Adventure_OOP/”:

And inside that folder we find its corresponding “.pde” filename “Grumbo_Adventure_OOP.pde”:

The main “.pde” file is the 1 that contains the callbacks settings() and/or setup() btW.

In short, it’s Processing’s entry point “.pde” file.


maybe so it is correct?

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but however happen this:

Another things that i haven’y understand is how chose the file to proces!!!

thanks a alot Marco

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now work perfectly,i understand how to chose the file…run the sketch and wait that program ask you which file you want process…tahnk you a lot


Hello Motorimicro, how did you manage to run the code?

alguno me explica como se selcciona la imagen para trabajar?

I can run it without problems.

Just download as ZIP, extract locally and make sure you have all the tabs / pde files in processing: Backgroud Ball Display Grumbo…

hola, disculpa no entiendo mucho todavia de processing, ya extraje todos los archivos del comprimido, pero cualquier pde que ejecuto me salta un error, por ejemplo abri el que dice
Drawbot_image_to_gcode_v2 lo ejecuto y me dice

“Cannot find a class or type named “Limit”

podrias ayudarme? perdón por la ignorancia