Drawbot image to gcode

I like drawing pictures with this code. I have my own buids of drawbot, Im trying create gcode with this one. Downloaded Processing, open all pdes files in one folder… I dont know, how load adress of any pictures from web or from computer to Drawbot_image_to_gcode_v2 code.
Anybody help, please…
Im newbie in this programming

this line does check the clipboard only.

When you are planning to load an image from Hard Drive

just say String url=""; instead

thank you.
My misteke was, that the file_tabs GClip.java wasnt in the sketch.
I understand your reply too.
But, when I load image in the sketch, new problem, for me, occurs…

What file boarder/b1.png is missing, please?
sorry, my english is not good, but I read english very well. Im old, 61 yrs old man
Thank you

Im fool…
the boarder is border. borders from file named , boarder ", in the Drawbot…files.
My english is not good. dictioanary is imprecisely…

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