Questions regarding complicated Processing stuff (Java Pen Tablet Access Library etc.)

I have a few question regarding processing in generall! :slight_smile:

Is it possible to show a progress bar on task manager window?


Is it possible to make the app name be something different then “java openjdk 20”?

Is it possible to use Jpen in FX2D?

Thank you for reading and mabye answering! :smiley:

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Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (JPEN ). No I don’t think you can get that in JavaFX.


nice one LOL :joy:

Might be JPen (Java Pen Tablet Access Library)?

Since they provide the jar and OS dlls it should be possible although the library has not been updated for a long time

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The problem is that opengl behaves weird, when it comes to various things, but thank you for the answer!

Are you referring to Java Pen Tablet Access Library?

yes! exactly that, which is used for pen pressure!

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// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

void setup() {
  // size(1460, 850, P3D);

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Are you aware that the Tablet library which you can install contains a jpen-2 jar file?


Note: Does not work with FX2D renderer

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that’s what chatGPT4 gave me

You can create a simple progress bar in Processing using the rect() function to draw a rectangle that represents the progress. Here’s an example of how to create a basic horizontal progress bar:…

In this example, we start with a progress bar of width zero and gradually increase its width in the draw() function. You can adjust the progressBarWidth increment and the frameRate to control the speed of progress.

To use this code, copy it into a Processing sketch, and then run the sketch. You should see a basic horizontal progress bar that fills from left to right. You can customize the appearance and behavior of the progress bar to fit your specific needs.


int progressBarWidth = 0; // Initial progress bar width
int maxProgressBarWidth = 400; // Maximum width of the progress bar

void setup() {
  size(700, 100);
  frameRate(30); // Adjust the frame rate as needed

void draw() {
  background(220); // Set the background color

  // Update the progress bar width
  progressBarWidth += 2; // You can change this value to control the progress

  // Ensure the progress bar doesn't exceed its maximum width
  if (progressBarWidth > maxProgressBarWidth) {
    progressBarWidth = maxProgressBarWidth;

  // Draw the progress bar outline
  rect(50, 40, maxProgressBarWidth, 20);

  // Draw the filled part of the progress bar
  fill(0, 128, 0); // Green color for the progress
  rect(50, 40, progressBarWidth, 20);