Disabling Auto-Message to Users of a Sketch on OpenProcessing? Full Screen Issues

Hello Forum,

I am working on a simple project with sounds and images for mobile devices on Open Processing. I love to present in their full screen mode. But, when I import sounds/media to my sketch and generate a url for my sketch in full screen, the message:
“Reload to enable audio and video in this sketch” from the OpenProcessing framework gets stuck on the screen and won’t fade way.

URL to sketch in full screen - is the error message stuck on your machine?

Open Processing sketch code

Does anyone know if I can disable this message?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi. I’ve this numerous times, but can’t reproduce this . (Windows 7, Chrome vs. 83)

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Hi Noel,

Thank you for trying this out!!! I am on a Mac and an Iphone - I wonder if Apple machines are the culprits in my life :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if website browser tests even work with pj5s sketches to show you across machines how your sketch looks/works?

I just tried on Chrome Windows 10 and it produced the same stuck message in blue.

Try in setup():

var t = millis();
while (millis()-t < 2000){}

Thanks for the suggestion. I still get the same stuck “reload” message on my Mac laptop and Iphone.

Maybe fullscreen sketch links with audio in Open Processing isn’t the way to go? Maybe, the standard p5js editor would work better? (Haven’t figured out how to generate a full screen there yet).

Hello Anyone interested in this Post :slight_smile:

I contact Sinan the creator of Open Processing and he wrote,

“Hello Margaret, thank you for the letting me know of this issue. I fixed this issue on our development server, and it should go live on production in a few days.”


Hi @mnoble – did the server fix end up working for you?

Hi Jeremy,

Yes! :slight_smile: I love the full screen mode on Open Processing and it looks perfect now.

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