Creating an equalizer in Processing 4 (preferably using the Minim library)

I recently started work on a simple music player in processing using the minim library. The program is almost ready just one thing left, equalization. Put simpler I am trying to play certain frequencies louder than others, for an example if I want more bass I would just play frequencies around the range 0 - 200Hz louder. If anyone has any clue how to do this then please help. My best idea so far is to load multiples of the same song, cut out frequencies, make certain player objects be louder. But that would be really inefficient and or sound pretty bad.
Here is the minim doc, I’ve looked through it and couldn’t find much though:
If this isn’t doable in minim then is there be another library that would work?

Hello @TT3overnot,

These look promising:

Keep in mind the Minim library has not been updated in some time.

This Processing Sound library has effects filters:

I don’t have a definitive answer until I try it myself…
I am just getting back into programming and have been recently exploring the sound options.