Could you please help with java.lang.NullPointerException

I downloaded but never successful to starting app; Please see the image, what was the reason, and how to fix? Thanks.

what did you download?

I downloaded Processing 3.5.4 for Mac OS
My Mac is up to date. Big Sur 11.1
It has been failing during startingup.
What was the reason?
I installed Java for Mac, it did not help.
Please help this very basic issue.
Thank you so much for your time.

Do you have two screens on your Mac?

See this open issue and this discussion

I did not update my Mac yet because things seem shaky (probably due to OpenGL changes)

Thank you so much for response; I checked the links, and see the issues; Well, then what shall I do? Do I have to wait until Apple fix this problem…? I do not have two screens, is there any other solution? Many thanks.

It was not crashing for others though. So something else is weird. Do you have access to another Mac and try without doing anything Java related that is not prompted by the OS?

Apple announced many moons ago that OpenGL was becoming obsolete so don’t expect any fix there. The move makes sense, OpenGL was designed 25 years ago when 3D graphics were in their infancy, and was kept alive thanks to increasingly complicated extensions for modern GPU features. At some point it showed its age and the fundamentals of 3D rendering changed so much (GPU pipeline, multithreaded operations across tons of cores, asynchronous processing, tons of super fast memory,…) The Windows world Moved to Vulkan and Apple created Metal… two platforms to deal with but so much faster and richer than OpenGL…

Thank you so much for your response. I do not have another Mac to test… So, it means that something else is weird with my Mac; I am considering re-install Big Sur, if something went wrong with the last installation. Thanks again. All the best, T

Can you create a new user and try to run processing in that account? Just in case some preferences were in the way…

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Thank you so much! I created a new standard user and downloaded Processing; Amazing, it is working and no error…! Thanks again! Greatly appreciated!

Ok - so clearly something fishy with former config files or preferences in the other account.