Compute Shader Particle System in Processing

I managed to implement a very simple particle system using compute shader.
This example renders 1 million particles on an Intel Iris 640 integrated graphics card, which is pretty amazing.
Since compute shader requires OpenGL 4.x, so I am not sure if the original drawing mode will work anymore.
Github repo:




So are you computing particle positions then passing data back to Processing to draw particles, or is the shader drawing particles too?

Edit – found it at

It’s purely shader drawing, nothing is passed back to Processing.

Wow I’m discovering this one year later, that’s wonderfull congratulation for this. I feel that I really want to understand your code but it’s still a bit advanced for me. I mean not the glsl or the processing part, but the opengl part is hard to understand for me.

I already made some particles system by making transformation feedback, but now I would like to do it with compute shaders.

Do you have some resources to suggest?
Or could I ask you some questions?

Thank you


Hi~ Sorry for the late reply.

I found these posts useful. These are C++ compute shader examples:

Also, this one is an example written in Java with JOGL: