Coding magazine for kids


Did you notice that we don’t have any good coding magazine for kids in US?
In my opinion UK is leading in this field. The Raspberry Pi foundation has an excellent magazine that is also free.

What about having a coding magazine based on p5.js? The magazine will include:

  • coding lessons
  • games listings
  • trivia articles

I started once doing this at – but I abandoned in the end. What do you think about this?

Is a magazine obsolete? Is youtube replacing paper based magazines?


I love this idea!!! I’m guessing this would be in a digital format?

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Magazines aren’t obsolete, but with so many ways of delivering information, many have become more specialized and focused in how they address their audiences.

Were you imagining something that had a print subscription option, or that worked like a digital newsletter? Would this be free / volunteer, or paid subscription, or would there be advertising or sponsors?