Did you know about codeguppy.com (based on p5.js)?

Hello community,

I want to introduce you my online coding playground: codeguppy.com - basically a coding platform based on p5.js intended for schools and coding clubs.

I also recently started an associated YouTube channel and today I launch the platform on ProductHunt. I don’t know what to expect from ProductHunt, but I hope that more people will discover the project. Therefore if you like it I also appreciate if you can UPVOTE on their page.


:sparkles: ProductHunt page

:sparkles: The platform

:sparkles: Associated YouTube channel


Hi there! I noticed your post on Reddit about the youtube videos :slight_smile: Nice work!

This is a lot of content! How long have you been working on this project?

:feather: Raphaël de Courville
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Your youtube channel looks brilliant and I have just subscribed because there are some nice ideas for me to use as programming projects. Thanks :+1:


Hi! Thanks for your lovely comment.
I have worked on the project in my spare time for about 3 - 4 years.
The last addition that I made was the YoutTube channel …

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Thank you! All the best with your projects!