Code-slang , gsoc'20

hi , everyone
i am Devashish yadav , a undergrad all the way from india . i am pursuing ug from IIT-ROORKEE.
i have been involved in web-development from my high school,
i am fluent with
1.HTML/CSS javascript and PHP
2.frameworks such as REACT , NODE.JS, VUE.JS,LARAVEL
3.web API’s such as CANVAS , Web Audio Api.
4.Game development using CANVAS , Web Audio Api.

i looked into idea list of processing foundation for this year GSOC '20,
and found CODE SLANG project very interesting .
i have also looked into last years development on this project .

PLEASE GUIDE me , to get started.


Thanks for your interest, @devashish!

@saberkhan – do you have a suggestion about who a good contact would be for Code Slang?

Yes, Sharon de la Cruz would be the person to check in with about Code Slang. Here is her website -

@saberkhan how should i contact her

Did you try her website?

Yes i e-mailed her at the id given

@saberkhan what should i do i next for this project -
i tried to replicate the gsoc 2019 project in my own way -
here is th link -
here is the link of my repo -

@saberkhan @jeremydouglass it’s the time of making proposals , what should i do as i am unable to contact her(mentor)

Hi @devashish – I am wishing you best of luck with your proposal, and excited about the work that you have put into it.

I am not involved in coordinating GSOC applications and not familiar with Code Slang, but I have seen that the community coordinator is encouraging people to submit, even if we don’t have mentors giving feedback on specific projects: