Changing Processing folders + drive location?

Hi everyone. I’ve installed (unzipped) the last version on the local hard drive (C:\Processing in Windows 7). After that I’ve imported p5.js and Python mode + different libraries. Everytime I launch Processing it starts very slow (about 30 seconds or more to open editor). And it takes 10-15 seconds more when putting editor screen in full screen… Investigating for the cause of the problem, I’ve observed that all mode and libraries files have been download to the ‘My documents’ folders. Processing put about 400 MB of files into that folder. The problem is that I’m at work and that this folder is located into a network drive. And that this network connection is very slow! Is there a way to change the location where downloads and saves files it uses? I’ve searched into preferences.txt (that is also stored into ‘My documents’ and then on slow network drive…) but haven’t found anything (and by the way is there a way to change the ‘preferences.txt’ file location)? Finally is there a way to install Processing in a way it works fully locally? We’d like to use Processing in our school but so far it’s so slow to launch, compile, etc that it won’t be possible. Any help would be very appreciated! Laurent